Adventure tourism in the heart of nature in Panama

23 January 2019


Adventure tourism in the heart of nature in Panama

Orbis Panama is pleased to announce its new partnership with adventure company Wild Panama for the development of adventures off the beaten track and in strict respect of the ecosystem, culture and wildlife and flora of our country .

Wild Panama is made up of professionals and adventure specialists in the wilderness. Well-equipped and knowledgeable about our country, the company develops concepts week-ends adventures that are a great success with unusual and spectacular places. In the middle of the jungle or at the seaside, but still far from the best of Panama, the teams of Wild Panama propose in addition to realize extreme experiences out of the ordinary. Made up of a team of young dynamic and sporty Panamanians, you will appreciate the energy of this type of adventure.

Orbis Panama, for its part, which is keen to continue its strong development, wants to propose in the logic of its quest for authenticity, affordable adventures products in terms of budget to make the most of the magical places that make up Panama.

From this weekend, we will organize in partnership exclusive weekends on the country with a theme on each of them. All these products are designed for a total change of scenery and beautiful memories. Wild Panama and Orbis Panama always work in strict respect of nature, local customs and the preservation of fauna and flora.

The perspective is also to share wonderful moments and to live unforgettable experiences on our beautiful country.

We thank in advance our partner Wild Panama for trusting us in this new association. You can follow them on Instagram. Here is a video

The call of the Wild

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