Contadora, The Pearls of Panamá

03 May 2019

Contadora, The Pearls of Panamá

Contadora, Where ruins and paradise mix all together.

Contadora is an island, part of the Pearl archipelago. At the time of the conquest, the place were where the Spaniards counted their pearls before being sent to Spain. Hence its name. Currently, this island has more than 6 easily accessible beaches, some facing private projects, but open to the public through a signposted road.

Contadora is at an hour and 30 minutes from the dock at Isla Flamenco, Causeway. From there, it is possible to take a ferry open to the public, although there is also the option of renting private boats that arrive there half an hour probably before.

Upon arrival, there is no pier where the boat can be moored,  when arriving, the locals, in their boats, they pick us up, making a crossing of boats in the middle of the sea. Without any danger, we arrived at the beach, in this case, Playa Larga, where from a distance you could see the famous ferry run aground on the beach and further back a beach where it houses a hotel that was one of the most luxurious many years ago, which today are only the ruins and the memory of 300 luxurious rooms and common rooms for their guests, nowadays a badge and part of it history of this beautiful island.

A couple of decades ago this island was very famous among millionaires and big celebrities worldwide, who sought this place as an escape to relax, and if they had reason to do so, because Contadora offers for all, different and unique experiences.

At Contadora Island, it is highly recommended to rent a golf cart, available anywhere, just ask, their prices oscillate from $ 20 to $ 75 per 24 hours of use. It is very easy to choose between a hotel facing the sea or a hotel in the middle of nature, listening to the birds in the morning or seeing a Venao looking for food. A combination of experiences and adventures are what you will expect in Contadora. Reserve the thousands of options we have for you to share this beautiful experience. We recommend at least 2 nights to discover all this islands, but day trips options are available all year long.

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Pictures: Angel Sanchez (@asan2881photo)