Orbis Panama offers a mosaic of destinations

Panama offers you first of all two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. In addition, the archipelagos count almost a thousand islands spread over these two seas. Then, the country has four climates, jungle, forest and a volcano. Finally, the country has many cultures and customs. Panama is a true mosaic of destinations.

Towns and cities in Panama :

Panama city is the capital and the point of arrival of your trip. Very extensive city, it consists of two very distinct parts. The modern city has more buildings than Miami that are usually located on the seafront. The old town, Casco Viejo is the historic district. It is classified Unesco for historical monuments. Ideal for walking and going out in the afternoon or evening, it offers another vision of Panama city. Outside the capital, the city of Colon is the second of the country but does not offer real interest. David in the center of the country, is the obligatory passage to get to Boquete in the mountains or on the beaches of Boca Chica. Bocas del Toro with its main island Colon, Portobelo and many other smaller cities are discovered along the way.


The beaches in Panama:

Panama has no less than 450 kilometers of coastline and with two oceans, many beaches are accessible. However, the beaches vary according to the desires, the large beaches of the Pacific on one side and the small coves of the Caribbean on the other. The archipelagos of Bocas del Toro, San Blas or Las Perlas also have many beaches. For scuba diving, the island of Coiba or the province of Portobelo give the best spots. For surfing, Pedasi with playa Venao or Bocas del Toro are well known spots. Finally, for children and those who want to enjoy, we recommend the San Blas or Las Perlas.

The jungle in PanamaΒ  :

In the first place if you want to stay in Panama City, Gamboa is a destination that offers you a wide variety of things to discover. Its jungle lining the Canal is lush and Orbis Panama offers many excursions. Treks in the forest, boat trips to see the monkeys or the zipline to discover the canopy. It is also possible to sleep on the spot. Finally, the Darien is the most dense jungle level but only a guide can accompany you.

The mountain in Panama :

First, the Baru volcano and the Boquete region to discover the “Switzerland of Panama”. Houses with fireplace and fir trees on the program, waterfalls and treks. On the other hand, the Anton Valley is the only inhabited crater in the world. Panamanians say that this region is a permanent spring. Many hikes are possible but also excursions in the waterfalls. An authentic country far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

To conclude, the destinations are according to the desires. As example, for family vacations, there are all-inclusive packages in hotels with large beach, many restaurants and pools. For couples, charming hotels on the islands are a good option. To finish with groups or sportsmen, a combination of sea and mountains will make your stay an excellent memory.

For all these reasons, the destination Panama is a real mosaic and you can plan with our teams your next trip.