Archipelago of Las Perlas

The archipelago of pearls owes its name to the Spanish sailors who found on the spot many oyster pearls caught by the Indians and worn by their wives. The archipelago of Las Perlas has more than 200 islands and the main ones are the King’s Island (Isla del Rey), Contadora and Taboga.

History and Geography

Located in the Gulf of Panama, the waters are very rich in fish and coral bottom. Main passage of humpback whales, small islands are home to small coves of white sand and crystal clear waters. In the first place, they are islands of sinners become tourist then. The Spaniards have long exploited the pearls of the archipelago.

Where to stay?

If you want to spend a day, the best is to go to Taboga, near Panama city. Its beach is nice and many small snacks are available. However, we recommend going further in the archipelago to visit Contadora or Saboga for a short stay. (day). By cons, you can also discover Isla del Rey or Isla San José during a stay. Although these islands have a few hotels, it is mostly beds and breakfasts that are available on site.

How to get there ?

Accessible from the port of Amador by ferry or catamaran from the city, the plane is also recommended on short flights. Finally, we can charter you yachts.


The largest pearl in the world comes from the Archipelago of las Perlas. Discovered by a slave of the time of the Spanish colonists, it was then the property of many famous personages (Napoléon, Marie Tudor). To conclude, she belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

Our opinion

A very nice destination in Honeymoon hotels, a great time with friends or family in small hotels. Beautiful little coves with turquoise waters or large beaches are your choice. Calm atmosphere because few cars, place to discover.