Archipelago San Blas Panama

The archipelago of San Blas is composed of more than three hundred islands and islets. It stretches from Panama to Colombia and is ranked as one of the three most beautiful places in the world. Part of this archipelago “Cayo Holandeses” is located towards neighboring Colombia .

History and geography :

Time seems to have stopped at the San Blas and the Indians who administer the territory, the “Comarca”, will let you know. The Guna Yala, Indian native of Panama live on the islands and their economy is based on tourism and fishing.

Made up of about 50,000 inhabitants spread over the main islands, the history of the “Comarca Guna Yala” is very rich since it represents today the freedom of these Indian populations. A matriarchal society, women administer the islands while men fish or manage tourists. Women make “Molas” for their traditional clothes. They have their own language, government and hierarchy.

Where to stay :

The opportunity to spend a day or night at the San Blas is a unique event. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches on the program. Fish, lobster and traditional dishes on the program. Ideal as a couple or family, you will be walking on the islands.No fully equipped hotels but rather wilderness formulas with huts. Watch the sunsets and sunrises on these turquoise waters and white sand beaches. You will cut yourself off voluntarily from the world.

Differents types of islands and housing upon availabilities and toughts . Small typical houses to share between friends, private ones and also camping or a small hotel .

How to go there :

Accessible by plane, we nevertheless advise to leave Panama city in 4X4. Indeed, the road crosses the country to switch from pacific to Atlantic. You will cross the fincas then the jungle. The port on your arrival is the first contact with the Indians.

Also available on sailboat or catamaran cruises. Finally, a must-see destination.

Several formulas exist, whether a day or 2 days. Also exists in combination with Colombia.