Bocas Del Toro

Embark on adventure in this archipelago of islands on the Caribbean coast. Bocas Del Toro is composed of nine main islands and about 150 small islands. True archipelago dedicated to water sports, including diving and surfing, it also has its natural park.

Location and geography:

The archipelago is located on the northeastern coast of Panama at the border of Costa Rica. Its climate is typically tropical and it is composed of multiple islands with a mangrove and a very important ecosystem. The main island of Colon is the center and the departure to the other islands. Real “Venice of the tropics”, Bocas is practiced by boat to navigate the different places.

Hotels and other accommodations:

Bocas offers a wide variety of housing. On the Isla Colon, small wooden hotels with terrace overlooking the sea, you will enjoy the nightlife. On the large island of Bastimentos, you can choose between luxury villa rentals with swimming pool and private beach. However, lodges are also available in the jungle with unobstructed views of the sea. On Isla Solarte commo on Isla Popa, we offer many unusual accommodations.

To discover or to do:

Bocas del Toro is a marine paradise for everyone. It is also ideal for practicing all sports and surf lovers will be delighted with the spots of Playa Bluff or Carenado. Then, divers will explore the Bastimentos National Park (more than 150 species of fish and shellfish) or Isla Zapatilla. In addition, the Isla Carenado will offer you very nice hostal with direct access to the beach or surf spots on Bocas del Toro. For families, Playa de las Estrellas and its starfish will delight children. Finally Isla Zapatilla or the beaches of Red Frog will delight lovers of relaxation. However, Bocas del Toro is also an incredible eco-system and you can discover the island lazy, snorkel on Cayo Coral or walk the cocoa plantations on Almirante.

To get there :

From Panama city, the ideal is to fly from Albrook airport for about 45 minutes flight. By car, it takes about twelve hours and a boat trip.


Bocas del Toro is a bit of a world away! Cross surfers from around the world, locals often from the West Indies, Indians with a community to discover, Ngobes Bugle. The city of Colon is very festive and the local cuisine is an attraction.

In conclusion, Bocas Del Toro is a real attraction. The nature is breathtaking, the Creole atmosphere at sunset a real treat and places to discover magic. Ideal for a Honeymoon in Panama, a Mice or family.