Where the world ends! Darien is a marsh area between Panama and Colombia; famous because the mythical Panamerican is cut at this place, the area is a huge wetland with few roads and infrastructure, travel is mainly in 4X4 or canoe.

History and Geography :

Darien is a protected national park and referenced Unesco. It has a primary forest and is home to an incredible ecosystem. The region is also the territory of Indian peoples, the Embera (which we also find to Rio Chagres) and the Wounaan. The area has few towns but jungle villages.

Hotels or other accommodations:

Few hotels available in Darien except on Yaviza or La Palma which are the main cities. However, there are many opportunities for housing in the jungle in Indian communities. Then there are if you want to practice sport fishing, small hotels dedicated to this activity.

How to get there :

Simple flight from Panama City on some small airports in the area, Jaque or Sambu. Others will prefer the local bus which crosses the country to reach the small villages but the 4X4 is the best solution. The province has a small road network and many trails connect the villages.

To discover or to do:

A biosphere reserve, the Darien is an immersion in the primary jungle. Its fauna and flora are unique and you can enjoy the many animals on site. A hike in the jungle, an experience in Indian villages are unique moments. On the other hand, on the sea side, sport fishing gives rise to catches such as swordfish or other fish.


The famous Panamerican who goes from Alaska to Argentina is cut off voluntarily in the Darien. This is to limit traffic from neighboring Colombia. Darien is also a fantastic aera to fish and make sports . Trek, horse back riding .