Panama Canal

You can not go sightseeing in Panama without visiting the famous Panama Canal. He is always present in all the trips you will make, the shops and other places you will discover. A true feat of technology and technology, a visit is essential to understand its history, its construction. You will also understand its vocation in global shipping.

History :

If you are a French-speaking tourist, Panamanians will be happy to tell you about Ferdinand De Lesseps. Initiator of the project, which, thanks to the success of the construction of the Suez Canal, it will start work in 1881. Quickly, despite the intervention of Gustave Eiffel, the yard is stopped because of the underestimated climatic problems (heavy rains) and diseases that will cause many casualties among construction workers.

Despite a relaunch of the yard in 1887, the company declares bankruptcy. A corruption scandal will complete the picture.

The Americans, who supported the independence of the country, finally build the Panama Canal, which ends in 1914. The Canal will see its first boat crossing at this time. They too will face many problems but will start by fighting mosquitoes responsible for various diseases such as yellow fever.

The 1978 agreements allow Panama to automatically recover the exploitation of their canal

Function and discover :

Panama canal is a revolution in sea transportation ; its allows a short time between two oceans and a considerable fuel saving.

The canal can be visited, the three locks have access allowing you to see boats of all sizes. The biggest boats passing the Canal are the Panamax. You can also decide to sail on it or to take the railway that goes along this incredible human success. It is also possible to visit the new locks Agua Clara day trip. In short, the Panama Canal offers many attractions.