Panama City

Capital of the country, Panama City is primarily a city where the latest generation buildings and older and more popular neighborhoods mix.

History and Geography :

The capital is located on the shores of the Pacific and is very extensive. Its center is composed of impressive buildings and business districts. At the end of the city is Casco Viejo, the old quarter of the city. Classified as a historic monument by UNESCO, it is renowned for its freshness and tranquility. The history of the city is made of successive conquests, Spaniards to Scottish who burned the first city in 1671. Its current charm lies in this subtle mixture of old and modern.

Hotels and other accommodations:

The hotels are very numerous in Panama city. First, all the major international chains are present with upscale and very modern establishments. The rooftop pools and the breathtaking sea views are part of the decor. Then there is also a nice offer of charming hotels in Casco Viejo. Finally, for smaller budgets, a range of typical hotels allow everyone to find his home.

To discover or to do:

If you really want to discover the way of life of Panamanians, spend a Sunday in the city. The ride on Avenida Balboa along the sea is a green pleasure.

Enjoy the fish market is a typical place to visit and you can have lunch in the many restaurants and snacks attached.

The Casco Viejo is a must with its terraces, its beautiful architecture and its streets which shelter heat. Panama Viejo is a history lesson. From Ancon ‘s point of view, you will have a majestic view of the city before diving into the American neighborhoods where all the history of the Canal is present. Finally the visit of Amador, also called the Causeway gives a view of the Canal and the city.


Do you know that Panama City has more buildings than Miami? That 13 of the 15 tallest buildings in all of Latin America are in the city? That the Causeway is actually an American constrauction to get closer to a small island and party there at the end of the week? City is a city to discover and an exploration of the city is always a good way to do tourism in Panama. In the Mice sector, Panama City is the future capital of this segment in Latin America