Panama pacific coast

If you want to enjoy long sandy beaches and hotel facilities with many activities and swimming pool, head for Chame or Santa Clara. We will then offer full inclusive packages with bars and restaurants, activities on the beach while also offering excursions.


Facade east of the country, the Pacific coast and its beaches are easily accessible by Panamerican. The beaches are huge and are white sand or black depending on the places. Few real cities but rather small villages. The Coclé region, the Anton valley, the towns of Nata or Pénonomé, the cigar or cashew production museums and the waterfalls and green valleys will guarantee you a change of scenery. The beaches of Fallaron will seduce you with their calm.

Hotels and other accommodations:

Many resorts on this peaceful coast with pools, great beaches and all-inclusive packages. However, there are also small beach hotels or roadside type boutique hotel very nice. In addition, small hostals are nestled in unusual places that give an authentic country with the feeling of living in Panamanian.

To discover or to do:

Fishing with locals is a beautiful adventure and some small villages offer rural activities that will make you discover an authentic country. Cigar factory, sewing workshop.