General sales conditions 

1. Registration and payment

Any registration must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit representing 50% of the total amount of the services, the receipt of this deposit not implying the acceptance of the reservation that to the extent of the available places. In case of agreement, the balance of the price of the services will have to be paid 35 days before the actual start of the services. Upon confirmation of the file, the client will also be asked to provide as soon as possible information about the participants (names, first names, dates of birth, passport numbers) to guarantee the reservations. In case of travel in high season (Christmas, Carnival, Holy Week …), the deposit requested will be 60%. KEVELAIR AMERICA can not be held responsible if the information is not received in time, and if reservations are affected

2. Cancellation fees

If the client must cancel his trip, the amounts paid will be refunded subject to the following deductions, depending on the date of withdrawal:

More than 120 days before arrival: 20% of the sums paid will be refunded, amputated the bank fees resulting from the transfer of
From 90 to 119 days before arrival: 70% of the deposit paid will be retained, corresponding to the prepayment of certain services (hotels, flights …).
From 46 to 89 days before arrival: 100% of the deposit paid will be retained, corresponding to the prepayment of certain services (hotels, flights …).
From 31 to 45 days before arrival: 80% of the total amount of the file will be
Less than 30 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount of the file will be
In the case where the reservation of services implies the commitment, on the part of KEVELAIR AMERICA, expenses which can not be refunded whatever the reason for the cancellation or the anticipation with which it is formulated (such as the purchase of certain airline tickets, reservation of hotel packages on specific dates, etc.), the reimbursement methods quoted above can not be applied.

In the event of a change in the number of participants, the rates will be revised and adapted to the new number of participants.

We are not able to grant cancellation insurance, as such a contract does not exist in Panama. However, you can inquire with your insurance.

3. Claims and complaints

Any complaint regarding a circuit (disagreement, incompleteness of part of the circuit, etc.) must be formulated by the customer with KEVELAIR AMERICA. Any dispute will be settled amicably. In case of complete disagreement, KEVELAIR AMERICA being a company under local law, Panama City Courts, PANAMA will be deemed competent.

4. Insurance

By agreeing to travel with KEVELAIR AMERICA (Orbis Panama, its trademark), we recommend that you subscribe personally to a repatriation assistance insurance. Most payment cards are eligible for one or two insurances; travel insurance and a medical assistance / repatriation agreement. In the event that you have paid for your ticket with your Visa card, you are normally insured – you can inquire about it at your bank. The decision whether or not to take out such insurance and the choice of insurance are the sole responsibility of the participants.

KEVELAIR AMERICA will have you sign a release of responsibilities.

Kevelair America has the following insurance:

RCP: Itic London

Financial Guarantee: Nacional de Seguros Panama

Kevelair America all-risk insurance: Assa Panama


5. Responsability and liability :

Passports and vaccines: KEVELAIR AMERICA can not replace the individual responsibility of each participant. They must comply with the regulations and formalities of police, customs and health at any time of the trip. Each participant must also be responsible for obtaining all the documents required by the authorities of the countries visited. KEVELAIR AMERICA is not responsible in case of delay or impossibility of a participant to present documents in good standing. The costs incurred are the responsibility of the customer. Any trip interrupted or shortened by the participant and for any reason whatsoever can not give rise to any refund.

Check with the nearest Consulate about the customs formalities in effect

6.  Risks

Each participant is aware that, given the nature of the trips we organize, there may be some risks due to the distance from medical centers, the state of the roads, the adventurous nature of certain circuits (including hiking, water sports). , scuba diving, expeditions in all terrain vehicles …). Panama does not yet have organizations for rapid evacuation in most places far from cities. The customer assumes these risks with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to make the responsibility for accidents that may occur to KEVELAIR AMERICA, the guides or the various suppliers.

If the circumstances so require and in particular to ensure the safety of the entire group, but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, KEVELAIR AMERICA reserves the right directly or through its escorts or providers to substitute means of transport, accommodation, itinerary to another, and dates or times of departure, without the participants being entitled to any compensation.

Each participant must comply with the rules of caution and follow the instructions given by the accompanist KEVELAIR AMERICA.

KEVELAIR AMERICA can not be held responsible for accidents that are due to individual imprudence of a member of the group. KEVELAIR AMERICA reserves the right to expel a group at any time from a person whose behavior may be considered to endanger the safety or well-being of the participants. No compensation would then be due.

7. Hotels 

The hotel infrastructure in Panama remains of inferior quality to that found in Western Europe. However, we regularly work with hotels that we know and with whom we maintain a relationship of trust. KEVELAIR AMERICA could not be held responsible if problems (flights among others) occurred in a hotel.

8. Luggages 

Your luggage remains permanently under your own responsibility. Do not leave your supervisor to supervise them. He can not materially perform this task.

9. Air transport and climate 

If your trip is changed due to air traffic disruption or weather conditions, we will not be held responsible. The resulting costs will be your responsibility. Activities canceled for climatic reasons will not be refunded, an alternative will be offered as far as possible.

10.   Force Majeure

If external events disrupt the normal course of the country (eg political and social unrest, natural disasters, …), KEVELAIR AMERICA reserves the right to cancel a trip or change its content. In the event of cancellation, the part of the deposit corresponding to the prepayment of the services already reserved will be retained. In case of modification of the route, a new estimate will be established.

11.   Exchange rate 

Circuits sold in a currency other than the US Dollar (in particular the Euro) are based on an exchange rate calculated on the day of the quotation. It can be modified up to 30 days before departure. In case of sudden devaluation, the amount of the trip would be re-evaluated.

The acceptance of a circuit implies acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.