Scuba Diving in Panama

28 June 2019

Plongée a Portobelo

Scuba Diving in Panama

With two oceans and almost 1000 islands, protected national parks, Panama is a destination for scuba diving. Here’s why :

The two oceans: ????????

Which diver does not dream of being able in the same week to make dives on two different oceans? Start with an exploration of the Pacific from where the capital city of Panama City ends and the Caribbean. The two oceans in Panama are distant in their shortest point of about 80 kilometers.

The archipelagos and islands: ????

On the two coasts of the country, many archipelagos are quickly accessible to be able to make exceptional dives: the archipelago of Las Perlas in front of Panama city, about 02H30 of ferry, that of Bocas del Toro for about 00H50 minutes of plane and many others .

National parks, nature reserves: ♻️

The island of Coiba is protected and referenced as a national park; very popular with divers, it hosts an ecosystem rich in sharks, sea turtles and all types of fish.

On the other side, on the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, the Bastimentos Natural Park is an ecosystem close to the mangroves which shelters other types of sharks, fish and corals.

Diving clubs in Panama: ???????? ????

Diving clubs in Panama have the latest news in terms of equipment and materials. Licensed Padi or simple baptism of diving, they offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to all desires.

Generally, Orbis Panama, which works with most, also manages the accommodation if need to stay several days on the same spot.

The different scuba diving spots in Panama:
Here are some of the best scuba diving spots on the country with some information about their location, access and types of diving:

Las Perlas: ???? ????????????????????

Located on the Pacific, the archipelago of Las Perlas has many islands but the spot is located on Contadora. Access by boat or plane from Panama City, the spot is for all types of divers, from beginner to confirmed.
Distance from Panama city: around 02H30
Access by boat or plane
Spot type: Pacific waters, reefs and faults
Level: accessible to all levels
Wildlife: hammerhead and other sharks, manta rays, turtles and whales from May to October

Portobelo: ????☠️ ???????????????????? ????

Coast Caribbean, Portobelo and its region are the spots of galleons of Spanish conquests and others and reefs type Caribbean. Access only by road, from one ocean to another.

Distance from Panama city: around 01H45
Access by car only
Spot type: clear waters of the Caribbean, diving on wrecks and galleons
Level: accessible to all levels
Fauna: sharks, congers, moray eels, lobsters and others.

Bocas del Toro: ♻️ ???????????????????? ????????????????????

Located in northern Panama on the border with Costa Rica, the archipelago of Bocas del Toro has a national park. Access by road but long

Distance from Panama city:
– Bus or car: around 10:30
– Airplane: 00H50

Type of spot: Clear waters of the Caribbean, dives on several spots in protected areas.
Level: accessible to all levels
Wildlife: sharks, dolphins, manatees and others.

Coiba: ???? ????????????????????♻️

The best known for enthusiasts, former penitentiary with a complicated past, the island is a protected national park that is home to a very rich ecosystem.

Distance from Panama city: around 05H00
Access by car only (or plane to David and then road)
Type of spot: national park
Level: accessible to all levels
Wildlife: Turtles, sharks and others.

To end on the scuba diving in Panama, it is good to note that the spots are accessible (except sea conditions) all year round with the same temperatures. Finally, for those who only want to practice snorkeling, we will offer exceptional spots.