New experience in Panama

20 August 2018

New experience in Panama

Fly to Panama where former gang members play tour guides!
A trip to a foreign country opens up to different cultures and often it is also an opportunity to go against its prejudices. The latter are thus undermined in Panama (the happiest country in the world) where the initiative of a local tour operator is surprising. Fortaleza Tours offers tours of Panama City, the capital of the country, provided by former gang members.

An original idea of ​​the Esperanza Social Venture Club program which has therefore converted former members of the famous gang Ciudad de Dios into a tour guide. Guides that give a very particular tone to the city tours they offer. It is the historic center of the city, the district of Casco Viejo, that they have frequented at the time of their exactions, that these unique guides of their kind make visit to the tourists.

The guides are there to highlight the history of places they visit. They have the opportunity to recall their past experiences and to show tourists the marks testifying their passage, such as bullet impacts. It is also about showing how the district, for a long time in the hands of the gangs, knew how to become again a zone of peace for all. Mark Chesnut, a contributor to the post-American Huffington, who is used to traveling in Panama, says this tour is one of the most fascinating tours he has ever had and regrets that it only lasts an hour.

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