Stay Panama Colombia.

26 April 2019

Stay Panama Colombia.

Panama and Colombia have a common and recent history and are two very different neighbors in terms of landscapes and cultures. Here is the first handset to allow you another Latin American experience.

The trip begins in Panama with a day trip to see part of the Panama City capital. Casco Viejo, Amador and the banks of the Canal. The next day, you take a short flight of about 01:00 to reach the freshness of Medellin and immerse yourself in Colombia, in the beautiful region of Antioquia.

On Medellin, city steeped in history and myths, you will discover a green city and very well organized, an exceptional nature going up on the region of Guatape .

Then you will take advantage of the archipelago of San Blas to change again rhythm and climate and finish this stay by the visit of the Canal of Panama.

Panama Colombia is rich in colors, cultures and where nature and history will be the key words. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beaches of Panama and the freshness of the spring of the Medellin region.

Here are some answers to the questions asked on this trip:

“Is Panama a dangerous country?”:  The country is making great efforts in terms of security for the population and even more so on the tourists coming to visit the country. The police are everywhere and a tourist police is also present everywhere in the country. Some areas of the Panama City capital are poor neighborhoods with a relatively high level of delinquency and the city of Colon is still relatively inaccessible to tourism, although many renovation efforts are underway. Panama is a rich country with a middle class that grows year by year and demands quality of life efforts.

“Medellin”, the second largest city in Colombia, is still synonymous with violence and drug trafficking ! The city, which for a long time was one of the most dangerous cities in the world, has changed a lot over the past fifteen years. Today, the capital of Antioquia, has become a green city, with a transport network very well organized and where security has become the watchword of city managers. A city to discover as well for its recent history but where the feeling of well being will prevail during your stay Panama Colombia

Then the region of Guatapé and the campaign of Antioquia are very safe regions where people are very friendly and available for exchanges. The nature is breathtaking and the road to reach the sites very pleasant .

On the organization of this trip in Latin America as in all the trips we organize, the comfort and safety of our customers is our top priority. Our partner in Colombia works with the same philosophy to ensure the best possible stay in two countries so different but so endearing of the South American continent. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to answer you.