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Discover Panama


Discover Central America by opting for Panama.

The country offers a great diversity of climates and cultures to discover in the form of circuits, stays or excursions. An authentic country that is also visited in combination with Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador.

Panama is the junction point between North America and South America. This small country in Central America is ideal for a first experience in Latin America because it has many assets in all areas.

First of all, it is simple to stay there since from its capital city of Panama City, you can have access to day trip to many attractions: beaches, historical sites, mountain or jungle.

Indeed, if you want to stay in the city but still discover the country, this is possible. Our excursions and stays are at your disposal. It is difficult to put all possible excursions on the site but we also offer the following: Horse, trekking, ATV hiking, Jetski ride, helicopter discovery flight, fishing in the river or the high seas, golf, etc …

On excursions to Panama, some are from 4 people, others in individual or group. If you do not find what you are looking for, we are available on or All our prices are off ITBMS of 7% according to the law in force in our country