San Blas different way, immersion with the indigenous Guna community

3 days 2 nights

Live an authentic cultural immersion with the indigenous gunas community in Panama, get to know its culture, customs and millenary traditions. Arriving there is the impression of traveling through time.

In the world there are few places where nature is exhibited in its maximum splendor. Armila is one of these magical destinations where the flora and fauna, the tropical and virgin forests, the beach and the rivers maintain an ecosystem and a millenary culture, make it one of the ecotourism destination to discover in San Blas Panama

Not only does it come out because of the number of turtles that nest each year, but because it is an exceptional example of harmony, a partnership with nature where freedom is breathed in the streets of this community, respect within it extends to Natural environment, in addition, is one of the communities that is very well preserved culturally and traditionally where many cultural ceremonies are still manifested.

Travel and discover places where many have not traveled

Departure/arrival location Puerto de Obaldia - Armila
Departure time
Reception in Puerto Obaldia Transfer from Puerto Obaldia to Armila
Lodging Complete Feeding
Excursions described Local Taxes
Guide and personalized services Snorkeling equipment
Airline tickets according to availability
Not included
10usd Local Tax

Day 1

Armilla, Authentic Country Cabins

After a short flight from Panama City you will arrive at Puerto Obaldía. Upon arrival, the guide will welcome you to give you a warm welcome. Once there, the guide will take you on a boat through a beautiful ecological walk.

During the trip, you will have the opportunity to see different birds and admire the incredible views of the first indigenous villages from the top of the mountain and the panoramic view of the unique sea turtle sanctuary in Guna Yala.

If the weather is perfect the guide will We will take you by boat to the cabins 15 to 20 minutes approximately.

After that trip we will arrive in Armila, where our staff will welcome you with drinks and a delicious lunch, then show you their rooms and other areas of the cabins.

You will have all afternoon to enjoy the surroundings of Armila, where you can walk and interact with the gunas or just enjoy freely the river and beach, located just 5 minutes from your room.

Day 2

Eco Adventure and Beaches

In the following days we will make tours or guided excursions like snorkeling in the white beach of La Miel, cultural coexistence, eco-adventures or kayak by the river, observation of sea turtles, bird watching and crocodile, workshops on mola and guna culture. itinerary or the order of activities are subject to climatic conditions

Eco Aventuras

The adventure starts from the mouth of the Armila River and we enter the Nagguar River (upstream) aboard a canoe or traditional canoe that will allow us to contemplate the surroundings with absolute tranquility . During the trip we will have the opportunity to enjoy sightings of different species of birds and reptiles that nest in the quiet meanders of the river, such as wild ducks, herons, kingfishers, iguanas, butterflies and many more species. Silence, tranquility and zigzag of the river makes us forget the noises of the city, and delight in nature in all its splendor.


We will transfer by boat to the white beach of La Miel. Approximately 30 minutes. There our guide will take us through an ecological trail until we reach the top of Cerro Cabo Tiburon, the landmark of Panama and Colombia, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the two border communities, La Miel (Panama), and Sapzurro ( Colombia). Once finished that small tours of 20 to 30 minutes, we will descend to the white beach to enjoy its crystal clear waters, where you can practice snorkeling and explore marine life. While you enjoy the sun, beach and sand in your own way, in the beach is prepared a delicious lunch (catch of the day).

Guna Dance and Visit to the House of Congress

Afterwards, we will enjoy the Guna dance, a cultural legacy that has a metamorphic meaning and are danced to the music of the maracas and flutes. These dances recreate the movements of animals, the wind, the sea and the rivers, creating a link between mother nature and the guna people.

At night we will visit the heads of the community in the Onmakednega congress house. A perfect day to see and understand how the gunas have maintained for centuries their autonomy, their tradition, their customs despite the changes that surround them.

Marine Turtle Observations

From March to June you can make the sea turtle observation tour.

The sighting of sea turtles in their natural habitat, spawning and nesting, is one of the most impressive spectacles of nature.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the whole show from the sea to the egg. In May is the month of birth of the hatchlings (turtles), the probability of seeing one or more turtles is high.


Last Day

Back home

After spending incredible nights in a remote part of the world, surrounded by nature and an incredible culture that is still intact, we will leave after breakfast.

The guide will accompany you back to Puerto Obaldía, to take your flight back to Panama City .

San Blas different way, immersion with the indigenous Guna community

Discover San Blas in a different way, discover the autochthonous, their cultures and dances and live a unique experience for two nights with this indigenous community of Panama, one of the few that remain in Latin America.

Tarif: 408 minimum 2 pax

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