Travel to Panama for people with disabilities

18 October 2018

Travel to Panama for people with disabilities

Orbis Panama allows everyone to travel in the best possible conditions; couples, families with children or elderly people but also people with disabilities.

We had in the year 2017 a small group with a disabled person and adapted the whole trip to allow this person to have a trip like the others, with comfort and safety. The result is that this tourist has benefited from the capital but also from the Anton Valley, Bocas del Toro. This type of trip requires a particular organization but we were delighted to be able to show him incredible corners so that his trip leaves him an excellent memory.

The preparation :

This type of trip requires a long preparation with the determination with the client of his level of handicap. Then, together we establish the wishes of visit and excursions and finally plan the hotels and transport adapted to its needs.

The realization:

Orbis Panama dedicates one of its staff for the duration of the stay. Discreet but always present, this person can inform at any time.

Good to know :

Panama has many facilities for people with disabilities, especially in the capital and we have referenced all the hotels available to welcome our guests. We have also selected the restaurants and excursions possible to allow a nice trip in our beautiful country.

More information by email or phone @orbispanama